As part of Eastern Steel’ pathway in achieving sustainable development, we recognize the key element for our sustainable future is through our employees by retaining the best talent possible. Apart from the Blast Furnace Project Plan in pipeline, Eastern Steel is constructing Staff Quarters with facilities which will accommodate initially up to 2000 employees of Eastern Steel...  
Collaboration and Co-operation between TATI University College & Shougang Institute of Technology (China) & Eastern Steel Sdn Bhd
On 4th July 2012, TATI University College (TATIUC), Kemaman, Terengganu, has signed Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Shougang Institute of Technology (SGIT) and Eastern Steel Sdn Bhd aimed at producing young qualified personnel in various aspects for the Iron and Steel Industry both locally and internationally.

TATI University College is recognised as an institution of higher learning established by the State Government of Terengganu with the mission to produce highly skilled technocrats in engineering fields.

Shougang Institute of Technology’s (SGIT) being affiliated to Shougang Group of China, possess international teaching and development method cultivated expertise in the fields of Engineering. It was reported that the students hiring rate is more than 98% and since 2003 SGIT has qualified for enrolment of international students.

The Iron & Steel Making Technology Programme with specialization in the Metallurgical Engineering, is a comprehensive programme, with combination of Class Room Training, On-the-field training, real –life project work and soft skill training, developing highly skilled workforce, both from the Theoretical and Practical aspect, as well as working in partnership on research areas to fulfil the current Steel and Iron Industry needs, subsequently preparing you to face the huge global challenges.

It is more than just a fast track to your career achievement, it’s the way for you to equip with Metallurgy Technology knowledge and expertise which needed nowadays to develop a successful and long lasting career with us.


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