• Eastern Steel Organized Blood Donation Campaign

    21 October, Eastern Steel has organized a Blood Donation Campaign. The campaign was started at 9:00 am and end at 12:00 pm. There were total 60 people were registered and 43 packs of blood were collected.

    The blood donation campaign was associated with Kemaman Public Hospital. The staffs who registered to become donor are regardless of age, nationality or even ethnicity. We have found out that beside to the staffs that already registered before the campaign, the off-duty staffs also join in and registered for donate their blood. A Malay staff who came here early said that this is his first time to donate blood, and he is glad that his dedication can save others' lives and contribute to society.

    It is the first blood donation campaign which carried out by Eastern Steel since Jianlong stationed in. The campaign has won the praise from the staffs of Kemaman Public Hospital and established a good relationship with it to lay the foundation for improving the treatment of Eastern Steel employees.

    Written by: HR & Admin Dept. Tan Jyue Yi
    Photo by: HR & Admin Dept. Ho Wen Yan

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      Registering donors of blood donation.

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      Eastern Steel staffs are actively participated blood donation campaign.