• IMP Staff Return Lost Wallet to Owner

    24 November, such a scene had happened in the courtyard of canteen Taman Eastern Steel: Ma Fu Qing, leader of group B blast furnace operator from Ironmaking Department handover a wallet to Bi Hai Tao, staff of Power Energy Department. After Bi Hai Tao verified the wallet, he said excitedly: "Nothing lost at all!".

    It turned out that it was Bi Hai Tao dropped his wallet after went to Pasaraya TMC Mesra Mall for shopping, and he found out that when he back to Taman Eastern Steel. Beside to the money in the wallet, his work permit, ID cards, bank cards and other important documents are all inside wallet. If it lost will be a big trouble for Bi Hai Tao to reissue the documents. Luckily Ma Fu Qing has picked up the wallet and finally return it to Bi Hai Tao.

    Written by: Power Energy Dept. Chen Qiang
    Photo by: Power Energy Dept. Zhao Hai Shuo

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      Bi Hai Tao is verifying returned wallet.