• Eastern Steel Organized Training Programs for Managers

    Company had organized a series of training programs for managers from 26 October to 18 December in order to improve the general qualities and management ability of manager from each departments. The programs were lectured by General and Senior Managers who owning professional skills and knowledge. The coursers is included many different fields such as: equipment management, power energy management, production related, human resources management, cost management, safety and environment related management, etc..

    Company Chief Executive Manager, Wang Sheng Hua and Chief Production Officer, Hu Yu Xin had attended the opening ceremony of different course. The participants were concentrating and taking notes during the course, fully reveal the good quality of our staffs.

    The programs had divided into 18 batches and participated by more than 60 people of managers. The programs are not only benefiting company managers, but also combine the actual situation of of Eastern Steel to comply the efficiency management and increasing the working efficiency of staffs.

    Written and Photo by: P&T Dept. Li Zhang Hua

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      Mr. Wang attend the opening ceremony of the programs.

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      The participants are focusing on the course.