• Eastern Steel Held Dumpling Making Competition for Celebrating Chinese New Year

    "Time’s up!" when the judges' called out, everyone stopped their moving immediately. There was flour stick to everyone’s hands, body, and even face, it has made the scene become very interesting.

    It turned out that it was Dumpling Making Competition that held by HR & Admin Department in the evening of 24 January for the stationed China employees able to celebrate Chinese New Year even stay in foreign country. There were total 6 teams had participated the competition, and judged by company Chief Executive Officer, Wang Sheng Hua, Senior Manager of Maintenance Department, Wang Li Jun and Administration Manager of HR and Admin Department, Zhen Da Wei. Meanwhile, Mr. Wang on behalf of the company management to pay a new year call to the stationed China employees. At the same time, he also urged everyone to pay their own family for a new year call beside to pay attention to their own health and safety during Chinese New Year.

    After the rigorous judging from 3 judges, the team who won the first prize is Ironmaking Department. The second and third prize are Maintenance and Equipment Department then Production & Technical Department.

    Written by: HR & Admin Dept. Tan Jyue Yi
    Photo by: HR & Admin Dept. Zhen Da Wei

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      Mr. Wang announce that time’s out for the competition.