• Eastern Steel Carry Out Measurement of Infection Prevention for Novel Coronavirus

    The atmosphere of Chinese New Year 2020 has become tense and worried because of spreading of novel coronavirus. Eastern Steel top management has pay high attention to infection prevention of company and build up an emergency infection prevention team on January 26. Beside to carry out the infection prevention during public holiday, a WeChat group has been created for reporting the daily infection prevention situation of all department. The after-holiday work schedule also planned well to ensure that both infection prevention and production are not be delayed.

    January 27 is the first working day after Chinese New Year Holiday in Malaysia. Unlike previous, infection prevention routine works such as body temperature measurement, registration and disinfection have become the top priority of daily work. During the infection prevention and control period, every visitor must wear mask for entering Eastern Steel. Body temperature measurement will be carried out before entering the site. Everyone works in office has wearing mask and washing their hands frequently. In addition to purchase N95 and medical masks for distributing to every enrolled employee, company also installed hand sanitizers in the washroom of every floor in the production office building. It shows company carry out infection prevention well and meticulous.

    On January 29 and 30, Kemaman Public Hospital and the police station had conducted the body temperature measurement body check for all stationed China employee. The all result of checking is well. The company also focuses on disinfecting canteens, buses and dormitory areas every week. Despite of the Chinese New Year, many stationed China employee have arranged their vacations before and after Chinse New Year to go home for celebrating the festival with family. However, in order to completely block the infection source, the company has no choice but only to cancel all the recent itineraries of stationed China employees even back to or come from China.

    Eastern Steel is determined implementing various prevention measurement, our employees will unite to overcome whatever difficulties.

    Written by: HR & Admin Dept. Tan Jyue Yi
    Photo by: P&T Dept. Tey Hong Shuen

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      Mr. Wang pay his visit to check quarantine inspection of stationed China employee.

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      The stationed China employee are waiting for quarantine inspection.