• Maintenance Department Skill Competition Has Come to a Successful Conclusion

    4 Aug, the 3-months internal skill competition of Maintenance Department has come to a successful conclusion.

    The skill competition has divided into 2 categories, which is welder and electrician. Each section has held preliminaries until compete at least 2 outstanding staffs to advance to the final. The judging criteria of final has included theoretical examination and practical operation. The theoretical examination accounts for 40% and practical operation accounts for 60% of the total score. The examination was prepared, scored, and supervised by professional personnel of Maintenance Department. After the fierce competition, CHE MOHD FIRDAUS BIN CHE AZMAN and MOHD RAZALI BIN ZAMRI from Power Energy Maintenance Section has won the champion of welder and electrician separately.

    There were total 56 staff who join the skill competition. It is worth mentioning that there are 2 people of electricians who come from motor repairment group has join welder competition in order to learning new skills. Even their performance isn’t well as professional welders, but their spirit of challenge and trying for learning new skills is worth to be learned by us.

    The skill competition is not only inspiring the working spirit of “Comparing, Learning, Catching up, Helping Each Other, Surpassing” to enhance skills of staffs from every maintenance section; but also create a unity team-working atmosphere through exchange and learning skills with each other. In the future, Maintenance Department will continuously strengthen the training of employees' skills, motivate employees in learning, practicing, and using skill to create a high-quality employee team with high efficiency and professional skills.

    Written by: Maintenance Dept. LIM JIA HUEY
    Photo by: Maintenance Dept. LIM YU YAO
    Photo by: Maintenance Dept. CAI CHUNXIANG

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      Conducting theoretical examination.

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      Conducting practical operation.