• Eastern Steel Coke Oven Masonry Shed Has Begun Construction

    At 7:20am of 5 August, when the crane commander of 22 MCC Group ESSB Coke Energy Project give the order, at the same time the 1st column of Coke Oven #3 Masonry Shed has erected and installed successfully, the Coke Oven #3 Masonry Shed has officially begun the construction. There are total 15 steel roof trusses and 30 columns that 24 meters high and 22.6 meters span will be installed and expected to be completed by the end of August. The coke oven masonry shed is a protective facility for coke oven construction. The construction of the masonry shed is a symbol that construction of coke oven is preparing to begin, and Eastern Steel coke energy project has officially entered crucial phase.

    Written and Photo by: Coke Energy Dept. Ma YongLei

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