• Water Reuse and Recycling—Sinter Raw Material Section Group B Save Water Resources

    Since the road around Sinter Raw Material Section hasn’t paved yet, once vehicle passes by will raise dust. So, the staff of Sinter Raw Material Section needs to spray water to reduce the raising dust. But it will cause water wasting and increases company expenses. In order to solve the problem, Shi MingJi, the group leader of Sinter Raw Material Section Group B, has took though for a long time. Finally, he decided to reuse the rainwater that accumulated in the reservoir on the south side of the Receiving Room to reduce the raising dust.

    10 August, Shi MingJi has led his group members to install water pumps in the reservoir and install pipelines to diverse water to the roadside. Although the cable installation has once stuck caused by sludge congestion of the underground drainage pipeline on the south side of the receiving room, but Shi MingJi and his group members won’t put off by these difficulties. They had welded 2 30-meter fine twisted bars together, and tied empty bottles of mineral water on one of the end of welded fine twisted bars to prevent it from sink into the sludge. Then they tied pipelines at the other end of fine twisted bars, and successfully passed the cables through the underground pipeline which full of sludge. Finally, they had completed the construction by installed total 30-meter pipelines and more than 40-meter cables within a day. Their efforts have saved water resources effectively, and successfully reduced expenses and increased efficiency for the company.

    Written and Photo by: Iron Making Dept. Tan Pui Eng

    • portfolio image

      Group member of Sinter Raw Material Section Group B is installing pipelines in the drain filled with sludge.