• Eliminate bribery and corruption—Eastern Steel Sdn. Bhd. Organized Training about MACC Amendment Act 2018

    11 Aug, Eastern Steel Sdn. Bhd. has organized an internal training about MACC Amendment Act 2018. The training is aimed to eliminate bribery and corruption in any form. The company top management has accords great importance to it, supervisors of each department and related personnel total 37 peoples has participated the training.

    The training was lectured by Mr. Chang Ming Chew, Managing Director of NGL Tricor Governance Sdn. Bhd.. Based on his abundant knowledge and experience, the relevant policies and measurement, whistleblowing channel, and the consequences of break the laws has introduced and analyzed completely. He also mentioned that: whether the company knowing or not, if the company directors, shareholders, employees, or even third organization that company has cooperated with is involved in any corruption, the company itself shall assume criminal liability. In order to make participants clearly understand the content, he also taking actual cases as example to explain it in a simple way.

    The training has implemented company's consistent in anti-corruption and clarify the consequences of violate the relevant laws. In the future, Eastern Steel will actively promote relevant regulations to let every employee fulfill their obligation of anti-corruption and resolutely abide relevant government policies.

    Written and Photo by: HR & Adm Dept. LEOW YEP MOI

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      The lecturer has presenting lecture in a simple way to let the participants easy to understand.

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      The participants are focusing on the course.