• Maintenance Department Actively Carry Out Internal Training Program

    In order to enhance skill level and practical operation ability of all the staff in every maintenance section, Maintenance Department has carried out a series of training program. First, setting objectives by observe daily performance of each staff, find out their common weaknesses or problems whatever in knowledge or skill, then setting specific objectives for the training. Then, preparing training materials by collect and systemize relevant materials based on actual situation of company. In order to make the complex theories become easier to understand, the material is presented in form of PPT with bilingual descriptions and illustrations. After that, organizing at least a training courses every month. It usually held on the day when daily maintenance has completed or without any maintenance planning. The lecturer is chosen from experienced staff of each maintenance section. Beside the theories, lecturer will arrange examination or practical operations after class based on the actual situation of each maintenance section. The lecturer also advises on the safety matters that need to pay attention during daily operation to enhances safety awareness while improving the skills.

    Through the training program, staff of every maintenance section has improved their skills significantly. At the same time, it has strengthened their self-confidence and improve their daily performance, then created a good atmosphere of helping each other. In the future, Maintenance Department will keep carry out training program to improve the skills and work efficiency of staffs to serve to the production better.

    Written and Photo by: Maintenance Dept. CHEW YEE SAN
    Written and Photo by: Maintenance Dept. LIU YONG

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      Du ZhanDong from P&E Maintenance Section is conducting theory training of “Principle of 3 Phase Induction Motor” to his group member.

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      SMP Maintenance Section is conducting training of pipeline welding and its practical operation.