• SMP Staff Returned Lost Wallet to Owner

    In the early morning of 3 September, Yii Yuann Chi, a staff from Integrated Management Office of Iron Making Department was found out that her wallet has lost before go to work. Beside the cash, there are some important documents such as ID card and bank cards inside the wallet. She searched around the hostel and her car anxiously but still found nothing. When she was feeling hopeless for finding back her wallet, a call from Li XiangPing, manager of Integrated Management Office from Steel Making Department has brought the good news for her.

    It was turned out that the wallet was picked by Pang JingBao, a staff of group C from Continuous Casting Section. He was found the wallet when he was jogging in Taman Eastern Steel, and he knew the owner must be very worry for lost the wallet, so he found out the owner’s information based on the exit pass inside the wallet. Then he informed Li XiangPing, and asked her to inform Yii Yuann Chi. After off from work, Yii Yuann Chi backed to Taman Eastern Steel and found Pang JingBao as fast as she can. After Yii Yuann Chi verified the returned wallet to, she is very thankful to Pang JingBao for his kindness.

    Written and Photo by: Iron Making Dept. Tan Pui Eng

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