• Eastern Steel 2020 Annual Maintenance has Onset

    With the fully preparations of company departments, Eastern Steel Sdn. Bhd. will carry out the 1st Annual Maintenance of 2020 from September 17th to September 20th.

    In order to inspiring employees’ spirit, ensure that the annual maintenance can be completed according to the plan, keep safety and high quality, Eastern Steel Sdn. Bhd. has held the 2020 Annual Maintenance Mobilization Meeting at 2 pm of 14 September. Company Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Wang ShengHua; Chief Production Officer, Mr. Hu YuXin; first and second level supervisors of each department,and outsourcing contractors have attended the meeting.

    During the meeting, Zhu YongPeng, senior manager of Equipment Department has announced the notice of the “Establishment of Eastern Steel Sdn. Bhd. 2020 Equipment System Annual Maintenance Control Centre”. Sun YuCheng, senior manager of Production and Technical Department has introduced the task planning of production, logistics, capacity balance and the safety organization during the annual maintenance.

    The first-level supervisors of each department have presented the critical maintenance points of their departments, and expressed determination to overcome difficulties. The maintenance department has made a presentation based on related matters of annual maintenance. The outsourcing contractors made a statement to the company.

    Company Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Wang ShengHua has clarified the requirements of the annual maintenance, which included: guarantee 100% safety, good quality, construction period, functional; and ensure that equipment can restore to the best condition and performance after the annual maintenance to satisfy production requirement. Company Chief Production Officer, Mr. Hu YuXin has mark out the issues that need to be notice during the annual maintenance. He also carried out the detailed planning and arrangements for the annual maintenance tasks.

    Written and Photo by: Equipment Dept. Lau Ming Shin

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      Company Chief Production Officer, Mr. Hu YuXin has signed a letter of responsibility with each project representatives as represent of company top management.