• Eastern Steel Billet Congregation Sets New Record Again

    28 September, Eastern Steel billet congregation has achieved 7561.54 tons which transported by total 97 round-trip of lorries. It has broke the highest record of 27 July which congregated 5180.56 tons of billet in a single day.

    During the shipment process, P&T Department logistic office has brought forward for planning transportation nodes based on the production plan and shipping schedule to confirm the billet congregation port and loading plan. They have organized for the billet cooling and the preparation of the transportation. Meanwhile, personnel have arranged to coordinate preparation of outsource transportation, billet loading in plant and unloading in port to speed up the pace of loading, and making space for the following billet production. It also coordinated the steel-making department for checking the crane condition, and ensured that crane operators were skilled in order to speed up the pace of loading. All the measure has laying a foundation for breaking the record of billet congregation in a single day.

    In the future, P&T Department logistic office will continue to fulfill their duties with the spirit full of enthusiasm, arrange the working schedule steadily in order to complete company annual shipment tasks successfully.

    Written by: P&T Dept. Zhang HaiLong
    Photo by: P&T Dept. CHAI SIEW WEE

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