• ESSB Technical Skill Assessment Actual Practice Opening Meeting

    13 October,an opening meeting of Technical Skill Assessment Actual Practice has been convened. Company Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Wang ShengHua; Chief Production Officer, Mr. Hu YuXin and senior manager of relevant departments has attended the meeting.

    During the meeting, Mr. Wang has given a speech. He said that the company is still in development, so it is indispensable to improve the skill level of technician. Mr. Hu said that besides to make contribution for company development, improvement of employ​ee skill level will provide an opportunity to increase their salary.

    The Technical Skill Assessment is included 103 professional occupation overall company and total 737 peoples of employees has registered. The theoretical examination has been carried out since August. The opening meeting of this time is focus to stimulate the enthusiasm of employees for learning skill, improve their skill proficiency to make contribution for company development.

    Written by: Maintenance Dept. LIM JIA HUEY
    Photo by: HR & Admin Dept. Tan Jyue Yi

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      Mr. Wang is giving the speech in the opening meeting.