• ESSB 2020 Table Tennis Tournament

    The continuous and rhythmic ping-pong sound comes with the cheering from the crowd has makes the morning in Taman Eastern Steel more lively than other days.

    It was the Table Tennis Tournament that company held at 9 am of 19 December in Taman Eastern Steel. The preliminary and semi-finals of the tournament has conducted by knockout, and the finals has conducted by round-robin matches. Every player has match with their skills and the sportsmanship of " Friendship First, Competition Second ". After fierce competition, Zhang WenChao from the Procurement Department has won the 1st prize, Xiao JianGuo from Steel Making Department and Cao HuiZhong from Power Energy Department were both won the 2nd prize, and Li MingXin from Power Energy Department took the 3rd prize.

    This is the first time that company organizing Table Tennis Tournament. Besides to providing our employees an opportunity to learning skills, communicate and promote friendship with each other, it also enriches the afterwork life of our employees. In the future, company will organize more cultural and sports activities, striving to create a more comfortable living environment for employees.

    Written by: HR & Adm. Dept. Felecia Bong Eng Lai
    Photo by: HR & Adm. Dept. Tan Jyue Yi

    • portfolio image

      The player shows their skills in the match.

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      Group photo of the winners and referees.