• ESSB 2020 Technical Skill Assessment Awards Ceremony

    10 January, 2020 Technical Skill Assessment Awards Ceremony has been held in 212 Meeting Room for awarding the department and sections that have achieved excellent results in the event. Company Chief Executive Officer Mr. Wang ShengHua, Chief Project Officer Mr. Li DaPeng, manager of departments and representatives of the awarded sections has presented the ceremony.

    In order to cultivate the practical employees and measure the effectiveness of training in every department, company has carried out the Technical Skill Assessment which includes a series of publicity, training, theoretical and practical examination event for employees since August 2020. Finally, Maintenance Department has elected as the outstanding department by the rigorously evaluate and discussion of judges based on their well performance. Maintenance Department has pay high attention to the event; and each section was well trained; all the staff has participated the event actively and pass the examination with flying colours. Besides to the Maintenance Department, Iron Making Department Raw Material Section, Steel Making Department Basic Oxygen Furnace Section, Power Energy Department Inspection Section, Production and Technical Department QA/QC Laboratory and Maintenance Department SMP Maintenance Section are elected as outstanding sections. Total 710 employees have participated all pass the assessment and 71 employees among them has master the skills of their respective positions and get the excellent results in examination.

    Mr. Wang has presented awards on behalf of company top management. He congratulated the awarded department and section, and hoped that by awarding the outstanding department and section as an example for others. It will encourage the enthusiasm, initiative and creativity of employees and enhance the practical ability of various positions, then it make contribution to the stable production and development of company.

    Written by: HR & Adm. Dept. LEOW YEP MOI