• ESSB Carried Out Company Equipment Hidden Hazard Inspection

    As it is nearing Chinese New Year, Eastern Steel Sdn. Bhd. has carried out company equipment hidden hazard inspection on 24 January in order to implement various deployments and requirements effectively for safety production during Chinese New Year holiday, and ensure the security of equipment.

    The inspection was led by company Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Wang Sheng Hua. Senior manager of Equipment Department, Production & Technical Department, Power Energy Department, Maintenance Department, relevant section manager and personnel were participated the inspection. The investigation was focus on checking hidden hazard of on-site equipment, and confirm the responsible person for the identified hidden hazard and make rectification in time.

    After the inspection, each section has improved its ability to detect hidden hazards of on-site equipment, enhanced safety awareness, and ensure safety and stable production during Chinese New Year holiday, so that we can enjoy a joyful and peaceful Chinese New Year holiday.

    Written and photo by: Equipment Department LOW KOK HIN

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