• Maintenance Department Awarding 2020 Outstanding Employees

    In order to award employees with outstanding performance and improve overall enthusiasm and work efficiency of department, Maintenance Department has formulated the "Excellent Malaysian Employees Evaluation Standard Reference Table" to carry out internal appraisal and award.

    After appraisal by team leaders and managers in each operation area, then integrated management office will make evaluation based on employee conduct, company rules violation and attendance record. Finally, total 5 employees which included: MOHD SHAHREL B MD HASSAN from SMP Maintenance Section, ABDUL MUIZ BIN ZAIMI from Sinter Maintenance Section, ABDULLAH BIN MAT RANI @ ABD WAHAB from IMP Maintenance Section, WAN HARUN BIN WAN ISMAIL from Sinter Maintenance Section and TAI PUI YEE from Repairment Section have awarded as outstanding employees of 2020.

    Besides, there are 2 Malaysian employees were awarded because of their outstanding attendance record, which included: MUHAMAD ASYRAF ASYRAN BIN MOHD SULAINI and TON MOHD SUPEAN BIN TON AHMAD from SMP Maintenance Section. Especially ASYRAF, he has maintained full attendance record for 2 years and the only employee with full attendance record in the company. As they strictly abide by company attendance regulation has reflects their spirit of responsibility and dedication to work.

    "起到带头作用,加强团队作风建设,提升部门整体水平。" We hoped that through award the outstanding employees can set an example for other employees of Maintenance Department and inspire them, and act as a leading role in daily work for improving team-working, and enhance level of department.

    Written: Maintenance Dept. LIM JIA HUEY
    Photo by: Maintenance Dept. CHEW YEE SAN

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