• Eastern Steel Monthly Power Self-Generation Rate in February has Set the Highest Record

    Stepping into 2021, company top management has set minimization of production costs as priority objective, focusing on stable daily production and delicacy management, carry out production scientifically and rationally to reduce cost and enhance efficiency continuously. The monthly power self-generation rate has reached 97.98% in January, and reached 98.89% in February.

    In order to increase self-power generation rate, Power Energy Department has make a strict requirement to adjusted the base load of power generation in time based on the specification of steel production. Production control center is cooperating closely with Power Generation Section to bring forward to notification of steel production specification and refining requirements, then control the CO gas and reverse power flow reasonably. In February, the power self-generation rate of slab production and the first 3 furnaces of billet casting after refining has reached more than 92% and 98-99%, and the self-power generation rate of billet without refining has reached 99.9-100%. On February 13, the amount of purchased electricity has achieved the lowest record of 2kwh in a single day.

    At the same time, Power Generation Section has enhanced internal management and actively carry out equipment inspections, operated carefully, manage various technical standards strictly to increase power self-generation rate in order to reduce production costs continuously.

    Written and Photo by: P&E Dept. Zhao HaiShuo

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