• Security Guards Praised for Returning Lost Phone

    On the evening of March 11, an employee of Iron Making Department, Wang Wei has lost his phone near the entrance of Taman Eastern Steel. He was very worry when he found out he lost the phone, because he just bought the phone less than 3 months and many personal information is inside the phone. Luckily, the Group B security guards, WAN NUR MUHAMMAD FAAIZ BIN WAN HAMID and MUHAMMAD LUQMAN HAKIM BIN MOHD ZAILANI have found the phone during their duty. They immediately report to their team leader for spreading the case to others, and finally the phone has returned to Wang Wei soon after receive notification.

    Wang Wei was quite happy for the phone back to his hand. In order to show his grateful, he has prepared some cash and give to FAAIZ and LUQMAN as a reward for returning the lost phone, but they declined the reward. On the next day, Wang Wei sent a letter to Production and Technical Department to appreciate FAAIZ and LUQMAN for their good qualities of honesty and helping others without ask for return.

    Written and Photo by: P&T Dept. Li ZhangHua

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