• Eastern Steel #3 Coke Oven has Step into Baking Process

    At 9:58am of March 16, Chief Executive Officer, Mr, Wang ShengHua and Chief Project Officer, Mr, Li DaPeng have ignited the #3 Coke Oven LPG oven by torch. The #3 Coke Oven is officially step into baking process.

    Eastern Steel Coke Energy Project has started from November 2020. It took 114 days to complete the overall masonry and construction of #3 Coke Oven. The quality of coke oven masonry is related to the coke oven production and furnace lifetime after the coke oven put into operation. During the construction process, Coke Energy Department always pay attention to quality of construction. They have established a strict quality management system and carry out on site quality inspections regularly to ensure each checklist meets with the requirement of design and the masonry quality meets the standards.

    The baking process of #3 Coke Oven not only remarks that Eastern Steel coke energy project from the construction stage has turn into production stage, but also one of the important milestones for Jianlong Group to complete the 10 million tons of overseas production capacity planning. In the future, the Coke Energy Department will keep strive for the coke energy project to put into production on schedule and in high-quality.

    Written and Photo by: Coke Energy Department Miao Qiang

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