• Maximum Demand of Monthly Maintenance has Achieved Lowest Record

    As the monthly maintenance planning of March 16 has issued, Power Energy Department has carried out calculation for efficiency comparison immediately based on each maintenance node and energy demand in advanced. As result, the original operation pattern of OMP has changed from switch on during maximum demand to switch off in order to avoid energy demand. Besides, vaporization of liquid oxygen and liquid nitrogen has been used in order to ensure the consumption of oxygen and nitrogen. Within the efforts and cooperation of relevant departments and sections, the maximum demand of monthly maintenance in March has lower to 5925kwh, which has achieved the lowest record of maximum demand, and it was reduced 1430kwh than predicted maximum demand of 7355kwh. It also reduced 8065 kwh which compared to the maximum demand of monthly maintenance in February. In addition, total 41.4 tons of liquid nitrogen was used and it has reduced 38 tons than predicted. Finally, total 189,000 MYR has been saved due to switch off the OMP production to avoid energy demand, which is a reduce more 59,000 MYR than predicted saving 130,000 MYR.

    Since production of Eastern Steel is resume, Power Energy Department is kept improve the energy-saving planning based on the actual situation of maintenance schedule and carry out the PDCA Cycle Management to provide a strong guarantee in order to reduce costs and increase efficiency for company.

    Written by: P&E Dept. Mi ZhiYong