• 2021 Eastern Steel Basketball Tournament

    2021 Eastern Steel Basketball Tournament had been held at basketball court of Taman Eastern Steel on 6 April. The purpose of the tournament is to provide a chance for basketball players to compete with each other, improve communication, enhance team spirit and cohesion among the staff. The tournament was carried out in round-robin form and ranked by total scores.

    Each team get into a groove when the game started. They had caught the eye of the spectators and won their cheering by showing professional passing, crossover technique, shooting and perfect teamworking. Finally, Integrate Office representative team has won the championship with 10 scores. Power Energy Dept. representative team and Iron Making Dept. representative team had won the 2nd place and 3rd place respectively. All the team had carried out the sportsmanship spirit of “Friendship First, Competition Second” and play a fantastic game.

    The tournament is not only to enrich the after-work life of Eastern Steel staff, but also reflect the spirit of “fight hard, keep forge ahead and always strive for first”. In the future, company will keep organize various event in order to build Eastern a people-oriented enterprise.

    Written by: HR & Adm Dept. Felecia Bong Eng Lai
    Photo by: HR & Adm Dept. Tan Jyue Yi

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