• Eastern Steel Employee Dormitory Main Structure Roof Topping Out Successfully

    At 09:28 am of 24 April, Eastern Steel dormitory main building project roof topping out ceremony was carried out at Eastern Steel Administrative Section Project. Company Chief Production Officer, Mr. Hu YuXin; Chief Project Officer, Mr. Li DaPeng; Chief Finance Officer, Mr Goh Kea Chuan; Hubei Qianxi General Manager, Mr. Li Hao and related member of company department have presented the ceremony. The ceremony is host by Mr. Li DaPeng.

    Hubei Qianxi General Manager, Mr. Li Hao is giving a speech at the ceremony. He said that: the construction of the project was official starts on 26 October 2020. Within the full support of supervisors of Eastern Steel departments and our meticulously construction, we have overcome many obstacles which caused by the monsoon season and the COVID-19 pandemic. Even during Chinese New Year, the construction progress has never delayed and keep progress. Finally, topping out of main building roof has completed on schedules. It also remarks the construction has step into next stage officially which include the masonry, secondary structure and decoration. In the next stage, we will work hard in order to ensure the construction will complete meet the requirement of acceptance before 1 September.

    After that, company Chief Project Officer, Mr. Li DaPeng is giving a speech on behalf of top management of Eastern Steel. He appreciates the efforts of contractor that the dormitory building is topping out successfully. Meanwhile, he hopes that contractor will make persistent efforts to overcome the difficulties of the wall masonry, decoration, water and electricity installation in the next stage. He believed that contractor will carry out the construction meticulously and within cooperation of both parties, each node of the construction will be optimized and completed in advance. After the ceremony ends, Eastern Steel top management and contractors have entered the building for inspection.

    Written and photo by: Civil Dept. CHEAH JEE YIEN

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