• 55MW Power Generation Daily On-grid Energy has Set the New Record Continuously

    On 29 and 30 August, the daily on-grid energy generated by 55MW Power Generation has reached 822080kwh and 830290kwh respectively. It also set the new record of 806520kwh on 19 December 2019.

    Although the 55MW Power Generation has been shut down for twice because of monthly maintenance and the refining ratio was reached 48.69%, the actual amount of power generation still exceeded 1.488 million kwh than original expected, and the self-generation rate has reached 92.68%. The achievement inseparable from the overall planning of company top management, delicacy control of Power Energy Coordination, meticulous operating of Power Generation Section,and cooperation with Production Coordination. The production process of refined is adjusted according to the daily production and usage of steel grade. In addition, the reverse power transmission has regulated in time and reduce the purchasing of outsourced energy.

    Even there were many restrictions on personnel, raw materials, and logistics which affected by the COVID-19 pandemic in August, and each department has carry out company COVID-19 prevention measures strictly, holds together to overcome various difficulties. Beside complete the production of iron and steel as planned, and also promote the cost reduction and efficiency enhancement consistently to maximize profits for company.

    Written and Photo by: P&E Dept. Zhao HaiShuo

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