• Eastern Steel Administrative Section Project #1 Dormitory Opening Ceremony

    At 9:58am of 18 October, Eastern Steel Administrative Section Project #1 Dormitory opening ceremony is start with announcement of Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Wang ShengHua. It remarks the #1 Dormitory is able for accommodation. The ceremony is host by company Chief Production Officer, Mr. Hu YuXin, Chief Finance Officer, Mr Goh Kea Chuan; Hubei Qianxi General Manager, Mr. Li Hao, Project Manager, Mr. Wang JinWen, company department managers and staffs have presented the ceremony.

    Mr. Hu has introduced the construction situation of the #1 Dormitory in the ceremony. He said that: Since Eastern Steel Administrative Section Project start the construction, it had been stooped many times due to many obstacles such as COVID-19 epidemic, heavy rain during monsoon season,and lack of manpower and materials during the period. But the construction of #1 Dormitory is completed on time within the efforts and cooperation of the contractor and every departments of Eastern Steel.

    The #1 Dormitory will provide sufficient and complete accommodation conditions for the staffs who will be stationed during company phase 2 construction. The accommodation quality will be improve once other facilities in the Administrative Section put into operation, such as staff canteen, gymnasiums, stadiums, clinics, etc.

    Written by: HR & Adm Dept. Tan Jyue Yi
    Photo by: HR & Adm Dept. Ho Wen Yan

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      Opening ceremony of #1 Dormitory.

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      Eastern Steel top management is visiting #1 Dormitory.