• Eastern Steel Organize COVID-19 Booster Shot Vaccination for Employees

    In order to response to vaccination for COVID-19 booster shot promoted by Malaysia government since November and enhance herd immunity, Eastern Steel Sdn. Bhd. launched the COVID-19 booster shot vaccination on the morning of 7 December, total 1001 people employee get the booster dose in the aid of medical staff from local clinic.

    Since COVID-19 vaccination is available in Malaysia, company has actively promoted and set up a vaccination center in July for all employees to injected first and second doses of Sinovac vaccine. Company also organized Sinopharm booster shot vaccination on November 27 for 239 people of China employees who injected first and second doses of Sinopharm vaccine in China. So far, most employees have over 3 months after injected second dose vaccination, so booster shot vaccination is necessary.

    Although vaccination of COVID-19 booster dose can increase the protection effectively, but we still need to insist daily epidemic prevention. As long as we work together to prevent the epidemic, we will defeat COVID-19 pandemic as soon as possible!

    Written and Photo by: HR & Adm Dept. Tan Jyue Yi

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