• Eastern Steel Silico-Manganese Alloy Project Groundbreaking Ceremony

    At 9:19am of 9 December, Eastern Steel Silico-Manganese Alloy Project is start groundbreaking after the announcement of Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Wang ShengHua. The ceremony is host by company Chief Production Officer, Mr. Hu YuXin; Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Wang ShengHua, Chief Project Officer, Mr.Li DaPeng, General Manager, Mr. Li Hao, company department managers and staffs have presented the ceremony.

    President Hu has giving a speech in the ceremony, he said that: Eastern Steel Silico-Manganese Alloy Project is the first manganese alloy project in Peninsular Malaysia. The project is based on the overall planning of Eastern Steel development project, beside to the comprehensive utilization of surplus electricity comes from 800,000 tons of Coke Energy Project and increase added value of the product, the advantages of power self-generation can also increase the profitability of company.

    The project is designed by Ansteel Group Engineering Technology Co., Ltd., Qian Xi Construction Project (China) Sdn. Bhd. is responsible for construction, Inner Mongolia Nashun Equipment Engineering (Group) Co., Ltd. and Shandong Laiwu Taiyue Metallurgical Machinery Co., Ltd. is responsible for the equipment supply. The project is constructed by two phases. The equipment and facilities pf first phase is include A workshop, two 33MVA fully enclosed Manganese-Silicon alloy submerged arc furnaces, a 36m2 sintering machine, a raw material yard, and other auxiliary facilities will be completed in in September 2022 and put into production.

    Written by: Coke Energy Dept. Jiang WeiDong
    Photo by :HR & Adm Dept. Tan Jyue Yi

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