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  • IMP main equipment comprise of a 100m² Sintering Machine, a 200m² Sintering Machine, a 600m³ Blast Furnace and a 1380m³ blast furnace.

  • A raw material stock yard capable of storing over 1,340,000MT of raw materials, fuels and auxiliary materials.

  • Loading System of blast furnace adopts a series of tank-type bell top charging system which able to achieve circular multi-layer material distribution, and the furnace is equipped with an imaging system and a furnace temperature measuring device.

  • Air supply system is equipped by an axial flow blower unit with adjustable full vane BPRT residual pressure booster.

  • Pulverized Coal Injection System is obtain two set of vertical medium speed coal mill for coal injection in a blast furnace.


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  • Currently our capacity is 2.7 million tons / year.

  • The main equipment comprises a 600 ton mixed furnace, a 65-ton and a 80-ton Converter Furnace, a 65-ton Ladle Furnace, 2 unit of Single-Strand Slab Continuous Casting Machine , a Six-Strand Billet Continuous Casting Machine, casting hoist and total 19 bridge cranes.

  • OG system and dust bag are used for the first and second dedusting of blown converter.

  • Hot Metal Pretreatment System is able to remove the impurities such as sulfur from the molten iron .

  • 4 unit of 5m*7m*5m slag pool are able to process 300 thousand tons of slag per year.

Power Energy and Auxiliary

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  • Power energy and auxiliary plant possess High Voltage Distribution System, Oxygen Making System, Fuel Gas System, Power Generation System and etc.

  • High Voltage Distribution System includes a 275/33KV substation and two unit 90MVA main transformer.

  • Oxygen Making System includes a 10000m³/h and 30000m³/h Air Separation Unit and able to sell liquid oxygen, nitrogen and argon.

  • A 50 thousand m³ of converter gas holder.

  • Power generation system consist of 1 unit 55MW steam turbine generator unit, 2 unit 50MW steam turbine generator unit and 2 unit 190t/h gas fired boilers.

Coke Energy

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  • Coke energy main equipment currently comprise of 8 Clean Type Heat Recovery Coke Oven with production capacity of 800,000 tons / year.

  • 1 unit of 100t/h Coke Dry Quenching (CDQ) System and supporting equipments.

  • 4 unit of 67.5t/h HT SHP Waste Heat Recovery Boilers. The waste heat will proceed by 2-unit 50MW generator unit.

  • A raw material yard capable of storing 100,000 tons of raw materials.

  • 1 unit of 500t/d Maerz Lime Kilns to provide lime for sintering and steelmaking process.


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  • Main equipment and facilities comprises of 2 sets of 33MVA Fully Enclosed Manganese-Silicon Alloy Ore Hot Furnaces with annual production capacity 120,000 tons of ferroalloy per year.

  • 1 unit of 36 m² Belt Sintering Machine.

  • A raw material yard which can store 80,000 tons of raw materials.

Port Logistics

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  • 2 unit of Bridge Grab Ship Unloaders are built in Kemaman Port.

  • 2 Belt Conveyor and 3 Tubular Belt Conveyor total about 8 KM is connect between Kemaman Port and ESSB.

  • Raw materials and fuels transport directly from Kemaman Port to ESSB Closed Integrated Stockyard directly through enclosed tubular belt convetor. It can prevent pollution from particular and dust flying from raw material.