• Eastern Steel 55MW Power Generation Enhance Self-Generation Rate

    February 16, Eastern Steel Coke Energy 1# Waste Heat Boiler has successfully bring onto 55MW Power Generation. The connection of two furnaces and one generator is recovering the high-temperature waste heat of 1# and 3# Coke Ovens to produce qualified steam and bring onto 55MW Power Generation for recycling energy. Besides improving the efficiency, it also become the first common header system that power generator produced power by different source of steam among Jianlong group.

    The self-generation rate of 55MW Power Generation on February 17 has reached 99.78% in a single day, and load factor has over 61%. It is a great improvement which compared to the self-generation rate of 84.73% and load factor of 54.65% in January. However the Waste Heat Boiler and gas-fired power generation are unable to run at full capacity due to the power return control of Tenaga Nasional Berhad. If the power generation permit and the electricity sales permit are approved in the future, it will further increase the power generation load of Eastern Steel and reduce waste the waste of energy. Eventually it will enhance the economic effectiveness of company.

    Written by: Power Energy Dept. Zhao HaiShuo