• Eastern Steel Carry Out Donation for Flood Victims

    Recently, the northeast monsoon has brought heavy rain and caused uncommon floods in the end of February, and Kemaman District where Eastern Steel located is become one of the worst-hit area. Local residents are troubled by reconstruction and clean-up task after flood.

    In order to help local residents who troubled from reconstruction and clean-up task after flood, Eastern Steel has donated RM 5,000 for respond to the fundraising of Pejabat Kesihatan Kemaman on March 3. The kindness was praised by Dr. Mohd Anuar Bin Abd Rahman, Timbalan Pengarah Kesihatan Negeri Terengganu. He said that Eastern Steel has not hesitate to lend a helping hand when local residents are troubled, fulfill the caring and corporate social responsibility of an international enterprise.

    Eastern Steel is always dedicated in helping local community. In 2021, Eastern Steel has making donation worth more than RM 130,000 to the surrounding residents and local community. It has earned recognition by the government department and public.

    Written and Photo by: Steel Making Department MOHD FAISAL BIN OMAR

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