• ESSB Phase 2 Project Completion Ceremony

    8 Nov, the Eastern Steel Sdn. Bhd. Was held the “Striving for a new Journey, Building Dreams for the Future” — ESSB Phase 2 Project Completion Ceremony in Terengganu State, Malaysia. The project design institute MCC Capital Engineering & Research Incorporation Limited, the construction company Shanghai Baoye Group Co., Ltd, relevant suppliers and financial institutions participated the ceremony and witnessed this exciting moment together.

    The commenced production of ESSB Phase 2 Project marks that ESSB has become a modern steel enterprise with production capacity of 2.7 million tons, and has become a new driving force for the high-quality and rapid development of the Malaysia steel industry.

    As the first subsidiary of Jianlong Group under "Go Global" strategy, ESSB adopts the design plan customized by MCC Capital Engineering & Research Incorporation Limited, which minimizes the project investment and shortens the construction period. A number of patents and proprietary technologies hold by MCC Capital Engineering & Research Incorporation Limited were promoted and used in the construction. Overall design, manufacturing, construction and installation are adopting China standards. More than 95% of the equipment is made in China, which greatly promotes China metallurgical technology, standards and equipment in foreign countries.

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    Mr. Chen Gang, Deputy Chairman of Shanghai Baoye Group Co., Ltd

    Since Shanghai Baoye Group took over the construction task of the ESSB Phase 2 Project last year, we felt it is great responsibility and glorious mission. We have overcome many difficulties such as short time, heavy tasks, small space, etc., especially under the leadership of the ESSB management team, we have faced numerous difficulties such as labor shortages during the Chinese New Year and the COVID-19 epidemic. Finally overall project construction progressed steadily and was successfully commenced production. Shanghai Baoye will keep carry forward the spirit of "Surpassing ourself and willing to be the First", make contribution to ESSB, and build ESSB to become a leading steel manufacturing enterprise in Malaysia.

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    Mr. Wang ShiFeng, Jianlong Group Vice President cum ESSB Group CEO, Mr. Wang ShiFeng

    In recent years, China has implemented the world's most stringent environmental protection and ultra-low waste emission standards for the steel industry. Enterprise are encouraging to conduct Greenization, Low-carbonization, Digitization and Intelligentization development strategy. China steel enterprise have accumulated rich experience in Greenization, Low-carbonization, Intelligentization manufacturing and other aspects, and basically have the competitive advantages to achieve the unification of economic benefits, social benefits and environmental protection benefits in "going global" projects.

    As the first subsidiary of Jianlong Group, ESSB is a typical case under China Government “Belt and Road Initiative” and “Go Global” strategy. In 2018, we reorganized ESSB and resumed production in only half a year. Now that the ESSB phase 2 project is commenced production and it will of enhanced competitiveness of ESSB and laid the foundation for the high-quality development of the Malaysian steel industry.

    In the future, Jianlong Group will actively strengthen international production capacity cooperation, focus on optimizing the allocation of global resources, and build ESSB become the leading comprehensive steel enterprise in Malaysia with the goals of Greenization, Low-carbonization, Digitization, Intelligentization, High Efficiency and sustainability in order to providing users with high-quality high-end products and convenient services. It will provide strong support for the upgrading of Malaysia steel industry.

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    Tan Sri Datuk Seri David Law Tien Seng - Executive Vice Chairman of Hip Teck Venture Berhad

    The commenced production of ESSB phase 2 project is not only a staged success for the company, but also a major contribution to the Malaysia steel industry. ESSB has always positioned itself as a Greenization, efficient and innovative steel enterprise. We are keep improving our own capabilities, establish a smart production system, cultivate professional talents, and adopt a number of environmental protection measures, including the construction of an 8 KM closed conveyor belt, etc.

    Today is a brand new beginning, which will bring new opportunities to Malaysia steel industry, create more jobs and promote the prosperity of the local economy. We will continue to adhere to the development direction of "Brand ESSB, Green ESSB, Smart ESSB, Beautiful ESSB, and Innovate ESSB". We will keep our original aspirations, and move forward steadily to make contribution to the industrial development of Malaysia and friendly cooperation between China and Malaysia!

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    MCC Capital Engineering & Research Incorporation Limited has won the gold medal for the ESSB Phase 2 Project design; Shanghai Baoye Group Co., Ltd, China 22Mcc Group Corporation Ltd., Zhejiang Industrial Equipment Installation Group Co.,Ltd., Fujian Industrial Equipment Installation Group Co.,Ltd., Hubei Qianxi Construction Engineering Co.,Ltd. were won the gold medal for the ESSB Phase 2 Project construction.

    ESSB is not only a model for Jianlong Group to actively respond to and implement China “Belt and Road Initiative”, but also perfectly fits in with the Malaysian government’s plan to introduce foreign investment. The successful implementation of this project will not only further consolidate the cooperative relationship between China and Malaysia in the steel industry, and will make greater contributions to the common development of the economies among two countries.